Thursday, October 30, 2008

microsoft so wishes it was nintendo

Why can't Microsoft just be happy with who it is as a corporation? Windows clearly wants to be Mac and now Xbox is totally cutting its hair exactly like the Wii. Well, not quite but Xbox's recent updates added a suspiciously Mii-like avatar system to the 360's dashboard... Of course while Nintendo uses the avatars as a fun (and free) way to extend yourself into games and have fun laughing at your friends' Miis that look exactly like them, Xbox is already figuring out ways to make these little guys profitable. Soon enough you'll be able to spend points (ie. money) at the Xbox store buying new clothes and accessories for your avatar, dressing them up like famous game characters and even buying branded apparel for them. Microsoft really needs to figure out a cool new product to release before anyone else, rather than shoddily copying popular market-monopolizing products from others.

Microsoft Plans Online Xbox Live Avatar Store

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