Thursday, September 23, 2010

i heart city-building games, y'all

Since removing myself a little from video game news and current events, not to mention no longer working retail and following new game releases, I thought I might find my interesting in gaming dwindling. Luckily that hasn't really been the case. I've kept up with certain new releases that I'm interested in but I've also returned to a past love that I had nearly forgotten: PC-based city-building strategy games. Specifically historical ones.

It's funny, I've never really gotten into Sim City games (though I obviously love the Sims) but I really enjoy these older historic city-builders. I love the strategy involved and the difficulty level that keeps the game challenging for some serious replay value. I personally prefer real-time strategy or RTS to turn-based strategy games because I love watching the little units cruising around the map, building or fighting or whatever they may be doing.

I enjoyed a quick reply of the campaign of Age of Mythology but I think my true favorites are definitely in the Sierra city-building series based on real cities in ancient world history. I enjoyed some good times in Zeus: Master of Olympus before remembering about my dust-collecting copy of Caesar IV (purchased before realizing that it was too high-spec intensive for my computer of whatever year that game was released). I have since logged many, many hours into this game and I'm only like three scenarios into the main campaign. This one is truly difficult and does not let you win easily; I generally put numerous replays into every scenario as I learn the challenges to overcome in each one. I'm fine with this, though: it's so much better than a game you spend $30 or more on and complete within a matter of 10 hours or less. I know the strategy genre is not for everyone but if you're looking for an interesting and different kind of game from the usual shooters and RPGs, try a strategy game! I find that much like the Sims I feel creative when playing these games, unlike when playing certain console games where you feel like the game designer is holding your hand leading you through the game.

Anyone else out there love city-building games like I do?

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