Thursday, September 23, 2010

my sims 3 ambitions follow-up

I posted awhile ago (original post here) about enjoying Sims 3: Ambitions very much but having a couple of criticisms about it. I have to post again and say that after more time spent with the last Expansion Pack to have been released, I truly think it is a perfect EP. If you don't play The Sims 3 you might not understand a word of the following. I was wrong about the skills-to-career thing - it totally does work to register as a self-employed Artist, Gardener, Fisherman, etc. and this is truly awesome. Now your Sims can make a living doing seriously any skill-building activity they could want to do in the game.

I love that the EP introduced whole career ladders for these careers as well, so that your self-employed Sim has something to work towards. Plus you get those awesome environment-boosting medals and trophies, and occasionally even a celebration in your honor at City Hall. Another great thing about these new self-employment options is that it seamlessly works with World Adventures; you can go on vacation and go fishing, paint pictures, sculpt, or what have you and sell your stuff when you arrive home. Your Sim will get Wants related to his or her self-employment career as well so you can easily build up the Lifetime Achievement points where previously these were tougher for a craft-career Sim to get. The only problem I still have with this EP is the bug that makes a self-employment career incompatible with selling items at the Consignment Shop (one of my favorite additions to come with Ambitions) but for all I know this problem has been fixed in a patch (if it hasn't, it need to be!). I also stand by my assertion that some of the "minigame"-style careers like Ghost Hunting and Stylist are a bit repetitive but still sort of fun with some Sims.

I have yet to pick up the latest Stuff Pack Fast Lane but will probably buy it along with the new EP Late Night when that comes out in October. Thanks to digital downloading I no longer have to worry about taking up space with the many cases of Sims EP and SP add-ons.

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