Monday, August 23, 2010

i'm aliiiiiiiiive

It's been so too long since I last posted and I have so many good topics to write on so I seriously will be back posting regularly after this summer hiatus. I really appreciate ANY readers out there and wish I hadn't been slacking so much this summer, since I managed to win a blog award (see at right)! I know it's not much but it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know that my blog is useful to peeps out there.

Anyway I plan on getting way more into detail on my latest exploits with The Sims 3 and my anticipation for the upcoming expansion packs (stuff pack due out in September, EP to follow in October!). I also have some sheepish rebuttals to make to my original criticisms of Ambitions in my post below. For now, I will leave you with a quick list of awesome old games I scavenged from my mom's house when visiting this weekend: Sierra's Pharaoh and Zeus (and strategy guides for both), Black & White Deluxe edition w/ Creature Isle expansion, Age of Mythology w/ Titans expansion, and the only non-PC game, Nintendogs Dachsund & Friends (okay not that old but still so cute). Looking forward to trying (hopefully not in vain) to make these old computer games work on my awesome "gaming computer" and 22" monitor!

Also, is it just me or was Sierra kind of the best developer EVER? They were responsible for seriously every game I consider one of my classic favorites, not to mention so many amazing series like King's Quest. I pine for those days of gaming!

[Editor's note: Oh. My. God. Steam has a full KQ 1-7 collection. Thank you Google! I need this just for number 7, The Princeless Bride.]

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Jammer McSchooldawg said...

It's not just you. Classic "Sierra On-line" is the best. The logo animation and start-up chime at the beginning of each game alone floods my brain with serotonin.