Friday, May 21, 2010

red dead redemption is out

The long-awaited followup to Rockstar Games' western shooter game Red Dead Revolver (for PS2 and XBOX) has finally arrived and it is receiving the top-tier reviews that most have been expecting. Hitting shelves this past week, Red Dead Redemption appears to have achieved what many major title games in its wake these last few years have been trying for but haven't reached.
The third-person shooter incorporates open-world adventure gaming and a beautifully crafted and expertly executed story and environment. It's currently holding strong with a score of 95 (Univeral Acclaim) on Metacritic and a hard-to-top 9.7 "Incredible" from IGN. Even previous skeptics are changing their tune having seen and experienced the big-budget production, vivid cinematics and deep characters that strengthen the gameplay style. Out for PS3 and Xbox 360, Red Dead Redemption is surely a can't-miss game for shooter fans out there, and also probably anyone who loves both westerns and video games. This one has potential Game of the Year written all over it if you ask me!


GXP Matt said...

It's an awesome game. I'm totally addicted!

Anonymous said...

Great game and good post I love this game is my favorite in this year for now it beats even Mass Effect 2. I wonder will they do this for Nintendo 3DS?