Wednesday, May 19, 2010

argh why can't i play video games for a living?

...Which is my way of saying "waaaaahh, I wish I had more time to play games and post on my bloooog" [/whine].
I do plan on getting back to regular posting here, I swear, but until then I wanted to share this awesome game site called where I have found some totally awesome games for both PC and Mac users alike. Firstly, I am finally getting to play Syberia - pretty hard to find for PC in stores, and the DS version is a terrible bastardization - and it is really great. It has beautifully detailed environments, cool characters and great voice acting (makes you wonder why big-budget blockbusters like Heavy Rain manage to fail there). Another game I'm enjoying quite a bit (and was about to beat when my laptop soundcard crapped itself and stopped working) is Dracula 3: Path of the Dragon. This one is set in Transylvania and, as expected, is a vampire story that manages to be pretty creepy and a bit bone-chilling at times! Both of these games are good examples of my absolute favorite genre, point-and-click adventure. They are both bringing me back to the glory days of PC gaming when people bothered to craft a good story, build characters, and make it challenging without getting too frustrating. LOVE. Anyway BFG has a lot of really cool games of all genres for $7 (Dracula 3 still sells in stores for $20 so it's a pretty good deal). Check it out if you're looking for a great source of games for both PC and Mac.

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