Thursday, November 13, 2008

left 4 dead looks cool

Scheduled for release on November 18, Left 4 Dead is a survival horror cooperative first-person shooter made by Valve Corporation and distributed by EA. Looks like if you're a fan of Resident Evil this game could be a lot of fun while introducing cool new aspects like 4-player co-op where you actually have to work together to get through difficult situations. The plot pits the four Survivors (either player controlled or AI bots) against the Infected, humans afflicted with (of course) a mysterious virus that makes them act zombie-like. There's also an alternate playing mode where you can control up to four Infected Bosses to work together against the Survivors! That's cool. The preview on the L4D page is pretty awesome, so check it out. Left 4 Dead will be released for the PC and for the Xbox 360 and makes a great Christmas present for your young children. Psych!

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