Wednesday, February 10, 2010

heavy rain sounds effing awesome

Wow, this game is just looking cooler and cooler the more I read about it. Heavy Rain, by French game developer Quantic Dream, is due out later this month but has been generating buzz for quite awhile. Not only are the graphics going to be siiiick (check out Game Trailers for some awesome HD videos of the game) but the plot and gameplay sounds like it will really be unlike anything out there already. The serial-killer storyline of course appeals to the horror/scary genre fan in me but the point-and-click adventure and discovery aspects of the game are what really have me excited. Decision-making drives the plot of the game and subtle choices will set your character down drastically different paths, so you can trust that this game will have a great replay value. Also, if you are a fan of quick-time events in action games you can trust that much of the actual action in this game will happen via quickly made button-pressing decisions. Kotaku has a great preview of Heavy Rain up that goes into great detail about what they are liking and not liking so far. Definitely looking forward to delving into the intricacies of Heavy Rain later this month!

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