Monday, November 22, 2010

women, combat and COD: guest blog

Hi readers! It seems disingenuous to apologize for my lack of posting lately because to be honest I have been super-busy with a new job that is AMAZINGLY AWESOME. So you'll forgive me if my humble little hobby blog is a bit slow these days. With that said, I'd like to present the first ever Paranoid Emdroid Guest Blog! Please enjoy.

“Women in Combat” by Wolfgang Hammersmith

Women in the US Military: New Status?

Contrary to general public knowledge, women have served as active warfighters in combat in the US Military since the formation of the United States.
In many cases, their heroic participation was kept from the history books but recently there was an announcement by the US Military that women will now be considered as standard US combat personnel. This is odd as something old is being called “new.”
For nineteen years since 1968 I had top professional soldiers who were also women on my combat Teams where they performed equally with the men, and my teams recorded approximately the same number of outstanding performances in active combat for both sexes.
I fought beside women in combat who, because of their outstanding bravery and in some cases, sacrifice, deserved the Congressional Medal of Honor but were not awarded it. Israel has had women warfighters in their military forever where they serve with honor, and so have many other nations.
Women served with distinction in US active combat units operating in Europe against the Nazi forces there, but received little or no recognition. Wouldn’t it be nice if this announcement of a “new” status for women warfighters also honored the women who have served with heroic dedication who were overlooked in the past?
While I’m sure that won’t happen because the PTB (Powers That Be) won’t admit to that grand mistake, it’s well past time that women who serve in the US Military are recognized as high-quality professional soldiers, openly decorated for their bravery and efficiency in combat, and thanked for their service and sacrafice equally with men.
Women play FPS games with valor and success, echoing their soldier counterparts, and they fight just as well as the professional women soldiers I describe in my book BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY: GUNFIGHT!, women are also more efficient in planning strategy under fire than men, in many cases.
In fact, I believe it is important that female Gamers continue to perform with distinction in Game World, thereby leading the path to recognition for woman soldiers serving in Real World combat today!

Wolfgang Hammersmith is one of the best in the world at small unit combat tactics with many Special Operations Teams still using his “playbook” today. After 19 years in Black Ops combat, Wolfgang has written his first book “Beyond The Call of Duty: Gunfight!” about his stories from real life combat, and how things really go down when the lead starts flying. You can learn more about Wolfgang on his website at

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Anonymous said...

Awesome post! :) Glad to know that women are getting a little recognition, even if our history is being buried.